Program Structure/プログラム構成



■インターンシッププログラムInternship Placements:(プログラムより抜粋)


Shorebank Pacific :

In this internship students will work in small teams with Shorebank Leadership to assess the impact that the economic downturn has had on Shorebank's client's committment to sustainability measures. Students will develop a survey instrument and conduct interviews with a number of businesses and organizations in Seattle. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about socially innovative forms of finance and to also be exposed to a number of different socially-minded businesses in Seattle.

Snow Leopard Trust :

The Snow Leopard Trust is looking to expand their connections in Japan. The Trust already has a relationship with the Tama Zoo in Tokyo and there are a number of opportunities to develop stronger links between the Trust's activities in Asia, Seattle and Japan. The Snow Leopard Trust has a strong and time-tested business model that brings in signficant revenue to the organization through their retail sales of handcrafted, artisan products. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about innovative business practice and to help build connections between the Trust and Japan. This could even lead into future jobs for students working with Snow Leopard in Japan.

TenThousand Villages :

Feet First :

Feet First is one of the leading community-based organizations in Seattle. They have an innovative approach to facilitating community dialogue and in the use of technology to represent ecological landscapes. In this project, students will be working in small teams to connect with local Seattle residents and develop a walking map of specific Seattle neighborhoods. This is similar to the work done in the 2008 SIIS program--the video of the student's work can be found at

Course Topics will include: Introduction to Social Innovation and Enterprise, the American Nonprofit Sector, Business and Innovation, The Japanese Social Entrepreneur

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